Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Healthy Workplace Bill to correct and prevent Workplace Bullying, it's time has come...

Battle over Workers’ Compensation insurance rates looms

Here we go again. The elections of next fall, which will make major shifts in political office holders, promise workers’ compensation insurance rates as a key item for debate. While the great Schwarzenegger fix of our State’s workers’ comp system kept the lid on the rates for a short while, it was very much at the expense of the workers. That would be We the People. Workers’ benefits and the chance of proving work-related injury have greatly diminished. Employers happily enjoyed reduced premiums for a while. No more. Those insurance rates are sneaking up like mites on tights and employer’s squeaking is turning into shouts of “no fair!” Maybe legislators will take California Healthy Workplace Advocates seriously now when we tell them we have a bill that will greatly reduce worker’s compensation claims.

Watch out! The governor is thinking about selling off State Fund, the compensation fund that helps pool small businesses together to get better rates. If this sale to private insurance carriers happens, small business rates for workers’ comp will go even higher. Will the Chamber of Commerce let this happen without protest? The Chamber so often hides its true colors behind the small-business-protection shield, though everyone knows that the Chamber is dominated by huge corporations.

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