Sunday, October 23, 2011

Healthy Workplace Bill to STOP Workplace Bullying in New York

Which state is going to lead the way and pass the Healthy Workplace Bill to correct and prevent WORKPLACE BULLYING...NEW YORK? Illinois? CALIFORNIA?? See this important press conference to learn more...
Workplace Bullying Press Conference May 2, 2011 ( Albany , New York) The Healthy Workplace Bill has passed the Senate in New York and now awaits 2012 to pass the Assembly. The time has come...the time is NOW. SUPPORT THE HEALTHY WORKPLACE BILL so our workplaces remain safe, sane, and productive.

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  1. Workplace bullying is a rising problem nowadays in small companies. It happens in big organizations too but not in alarming level. People must not get bullied by their superiors otherwise whole definition of work will get changed in coming years.

    Arnold Brame