Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whose responsibility is workplace bullying?

I'm still processing the broadcast on yesterday's TODAY show on NBC, available to see at

Whose responsibility is it to provide a safe and healthy workplace? The employer

Whose responsibility is it to reign in the bully's behavior? The bully

Who are often people targeted for workplace bullying? The brightest and the best

Why are they targeted? Their competence and accomplishment present a threat to the bully


Yes, I've read and heard, "You should not disagree with management", or, "Don't rock the boat". But who would have dreamed that expressing ideas, questioning the way things are done, or just being good at what you do would invite workplace bullying?

One of the best quotes I ever heard was from John Bradshaw, author of Healing the Shame that Binds You. To quote as I recall, he said, "Unquestionable authority stopped at the Nuramberg Trials". Does anyone remember all those who tried to evade responsiblity for their actions by saying they just followed orders? Need I say more??

Please join our grassroots movement to promote legislation into law to correct and prevent workplace bullying. Go to to learn more.

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